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Our Mission & Founders

Developing Skin Products That Soothe and Heal Skin Naturally

Our Mission

Dermaka was first developed by Ronald Bush, MD, FACS and Peggy Bush, APRN, for bruising and redness that occurs after surgical procedures. It soon became evident that many conditions that affect the skin could be treated with Dermaka cream. From there, The Bush’s have focused their efforts on continuing to develop all-natural skin products that soothe, heal and protect the skin. 

Dermaka Skin Products was Founded by Renowned Surgeon Ronald Bush, MD, FACS and Peggy Bush, APRN

Ronald Bush, MD, FACS

Dr. Ronald Bush is a board-certified vascular surgeon who is highly skilled at performing venous procedures. He also has been board certified in surgery, thoracic surgery and laser surgery, giving him a high level of expertise not often found in a community setting. His knowledge and skill as a surgeon qualify him as a fellow in the American College of Surgeons.

Physicians throughout the world have visited and have been trained by Dr. Bush. Many of the new procedures now performed in the ambulatory treatment of varicose veins have originated in part from his clinical studies. In addition, Dr. Bush is the author of numerous scientific papers and holds patents for surgical instruments.

Peggy Bush, APRN

A board-certified adult health clinical nurse specialist, Peggy Bush has more than 30 years of professional nursing experience. She earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, and a master’s degree in nursing from Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing in Peoria, Illinois.


Ron & Peggy have many interests including traveling, rescuing animals, spending time with family, and their mission work. In September 2018, they went on a trek in Langtang Valley, Nepal. Prior to the trek, they had met Aley Lama, a retired Buddhist monk who introduced them to the children and staff at Helping Hands Children's Home in Kathmandu, Nepal.

There are 22 orphaned children. They went on our trek and couldn’t stop thinking about the children and their circumstances. They believe that God led them to this orphanage. The children touched their hearts, and each is without parents due to the earthquake, illness, accidents or civil war. So you can imagine, they are lacking basic necessities.

Since then they have been raising money for this orphanage and other orphanages in Nepal. 100% of money collected goes to purchase food, water, medication, and anything else needed for their home. The government of Nepal has virtually no social service programs to help these children. The house needs work inside and out. The children and staff are grateful for any help. We encourage you to donate via GoFundMe, Thank You and God Bless!

This product was recommended to me by my dermatologist for bruising after fillers. I am thrilled with the results! My facial discoloration from the injections disappeared after just two days! Dermaka is odorless and non- greasy. A little goes a long way, and the price is cost-effective compared to other brands.

Deborah Wilkin, Amazon Review