Dr. Bush has been treating my wife with sclerotherapy. We have used Dermatologist several times in the past, since I am a dermatologist. Unfortunately, she usually has recurrences. This high failure rate probably stems from the fact that she requires high doses of her blood thinner due to her artificial mitral valve and atrial fibrillation. She frequently gets large bruises in her daily activities. Her responses have been much better with Dr Bush’s techniques. In addition, her hematomas resolve much quicker [a couple of days vs 10-14 days] with the use of DERMAKA cream used TID immediately after therapy. I advised her to use it under semi occlusion since it should increase the penatration of the cream. She now uses the cream on all her bruises with a significant reduction in the time of resolution.

Having worked many years in Dermatology; in practice, academics, and clinical research, I have become very skeptical of “natural” products that claim to have wonderful results, but seeing is believing. This is why I have taken the time to laud this product. We have even bought jars for our friends that are on anticoagulants, steroids, or just have senile purpura.

Richard Berger, MD FAAD