What is experience with Dermaka post surface laser for spider veins with a 1064 laser?

Have you compared Dermaka to other products like Vacial?




Dear Doctor,
Many physicians use dermaka cream post laser procedures, either on the face or legs. This may include spider vein treatment, reticular vein treatment or laser resurfacing. Having done extensive research in the dermpath lab, the application of the different lasers for spider veins is really not that effective. While you may destroy endothelial cells especially with lower wave length lasers, there is a large lumen that refills easily after treatment. In fact, I have treated reticular veins with a 1064 yag laser, performed phlebectomies and found absolutely no intra-luminal damage. However, if you treat spider veins with laser and sclerotherapy there is alot of intraluminal damage that occurs but, staining may occur.

Dermaka cream reduces bruising and inflammation substantially. We have proven this in the lab by observing early evacuation of red cells by using dermaka cream. This occurs in the reticular dermis where bruising occurs.

Dermatologists use dermaka cream for a variety of skin related problems and disorders. It is inert and made of only natural products and patient satisfaction is excellent as you can see from Amazon, Facebook, website, etc…reviews.

As far as Vacial cream is concerned, I have no experience with it but, know from my extensive studies that there is no cream that clears spider veins. Horse chestnut, which is an ingredient in Vacial cream can produce temporary vasoconstriction of small red telangiectasia in the papillary dermis, however, the effect last less than 8 hours in most patients.


Hope this answers your questions.


Ronald Bush, MD, FACS