This was brought to our attention and we believe that this review site is not legitimate! The information in the review is inaccurate and I wonder if the individual even tried dermaka cream. The reviewer sites the wrong uses for the cream. This company is based out of India.


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This turned into a rather lengthy article – so here’s the TL;DR: claims to be an unbiased supplement reviews site, however their #1 ranked product for almost every category is an unknown product from what seems like the same company. While this connection isn’t immediately obvious, my relentless digging around revealed some undeniable connections.

An organization called “Golden Street Media” is behind the company that owns An attorney from Golden Street Media sent out threatening letters to a 3rd party review site that posted a negative review the product that ranked as their #1 weight loss product.

There’s also a bunch of other connections between the domains which you’ll see in the full article. It’s a long read but worth it to see what kind of shady stuff is trying to pull off.

Not sure how a company can legally do this.

Saw this on the internet today – 8/4/17