Dermaka is an all-natural and organic solution to all your skincare problems and anguishes. Patients suffering from chronic ailments tend to take multiple medications, which are naturally prone to all kinds of side-effects. In such circumstances, it is essential to seek a natural solution to counter these side-effects, and make sure your skin remains healthy, supple and radiant at all times.
As the external most layer of our body, our skin is the organ that allows us to cherish and feel our youthfulness. If you are a regular consumer of blood thinning medicines, or a patient who has just been prescribed their use, you need to understand the hazards they can cause to your skin.
In this article, we will help you understand the risk factors that blood thinning medicines can raise to harm the health of your skin, along with explaining how Dermaka can help you shield your skin and prevent these side-effects.
Here’s everything you need to know:

Blood Thinners & their Side-Effects
Several patients suffering from chronic heart ailments and increased risk of heart attack are prescribed blood thinners, such as aspirin, by their doctors. These blood thinners work by preventing the formation of blood clots, which threaten to stop the flow of blood towards the heart.
Patients who consume these blood thinners on a regular basis face several side effects, such as dizziness, weakness, fatigue, loss of hair, rashes and a sensitivity that exposes their skin to several infections and allergies. When you have blood thinners within your body, you are more likely to suffer from internal bleeding after being injured.
Doctors also advise patients to reduce their physical activity and avoid participation in sports for they have a greater risk of both, internal and external bleeding. You are more likely to develop rashes on your skin, along with developing skin allergies, such as acne and eczema.
Regularly consuming blood thinners can put you at risk of severe irritation and itching. It can bring around several changes to your skin, such as rashes or severe itchiness, which could lead to a chronic skin ailment if untreated.
Moreover, blood thinners put your skin at a greater risk of bruising, particularly unusual bruising, which takes a long time to heal.

Dermaka & Its Benefits
Being a heart patient, blood thinners may leave you fatigued and weak, with your skin sensitively exposed to all kinds of pollutants and allergies, you cannot stop leading a normal life that involves all the activities you like to participate in, such as walking, swimming, gardening, and other forms of exercises.
You need to adopt the natural plant-based solution of Dermaka to nourish your skin with a rich organic formula that contains essential vitamins. Its plant-based formula boosts powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties to shield your skin against all kinds of allergies and infections.
Let us break down all the incredible skin-healing benefits you can enjoy with Dermaka:

Enriched with Vitamins
Infused with multiple skin-rejuvenating vitamins, Dermaka helps your skin get nourished, healed and moisturized from deep within. This allows it to help take away the pain and discomfort associated with the severe itchiness, along with speeding up the healing process of bruises and rashes.

Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Microbial Properties
Dermaka boosts a powerful profile of anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory compounds, which allow it to offer an instant remedy for that awful itchiness you constantly experience. You can keep this plant-based cream as a hands on solution in your purse, ready to be used whenever a rash or bruise emerges.
It will also help shield your skin against toxins, pollutants and other infections within our environment. Moreover, it will prevent the risk factors of severe inflammatory skin ailments, such as acne and eczema.

Tons of Anti-oxidants
Anti-oxidants are potent plant-based compounds that heal the skin from deep within, and form protective layers by fortifying the skin cells. They not only cut down the risk for chronic skin allergies, but they also strengthen the skin cells to prevent hyper-sensitivity and irritation. Dermaka packs up a powerful punch of antioxidants to help you fight off the awful rashes and discolorations, along with excessive bouts of itching.

Licorice Root
Dermaka is infused with the remarkable natural skin-lightening solution, licorice extra, which allows it to heal and eliminate skin discolorations that are often left behind by scars and bruises. Since blood thinners expose you to excessive bruising, itching and rashes, you are likely to suffer the emergence of marks, scars and discolorations on your skin.
Applying Dermaka every day will help eliminate these horrid marks as the licorice extract is packed up glabridin, an active plant-based compound that fights off tyrosinase, an enzyme that causes pigmentation and discolorations after suffering from scars and bruises.

Eliminate Bruises & Scars
When you’re consuming blood thinners, you are at a greater risk of suffering from scars and bruises, which will not only take longer to heal, but are also highly likely to leave behind horrid marks, rashes and irritation. If you apply Dermaka regularly, it’s all natural composition of essential oils, vitamins and essential oils will penetrate deep within your skin, healing the bruises and scars from deepest layers so they fade away without leaving behind any marks or discolorations.
Naturally, these plant-based compounds and anti-inflammatory properties will also aid in preventing the bruises to cause infections or develop into chronic ailments, along with fortifying your skin with nutrients to reduce your risk of bruising easily.

Prevention & Care
As a heart patient who must consume blood thinners to prevent the emergence of blood clots, you must add Dermaka to your daily skincare regime as a preventive measure to protect the health, radiance and beauty of your skin.
You see, you are at a much greater risk of suffering from itchiness, inflammation and other skin allergies as opposed to those who do not consume blood thinners. Therefore, you need to infuse your skin with essential nutrients, anti-inflammatory compounds and natural extracts, all of which Dermaka provides in one formula!