August 8, 2015

You will recall meeting me at XXXXXXXXX on July 28, 2015. You saw that I had contracted a bad case of Poison Wood and you offered me some samples of Dermaka to see if it would relieve the symptoms. Being somewhat leery, I circled a particularly active area in your presence as a “test site” and began the use of Dermaka immediately on that area while continuing the use of another product on the balance of the affected area. I want to report that after only two days the Dermaka test area showed marked improvement over the balance of the affected area, so I began to exclusively use Dermaka as treatment. The series of photos attached cover the progression of healing from July 28 through August 6, at which time I deemed myself cured and discontinued use.

I cannot honestly call this a controlled test study since I was well into the process when I began using Dermaka, but I am very impressed. In my experience with Poison Wood one can expect at least four weeks of itching, blistering, oozing and spreading hell before full remission. The fact that I was able to completely cure this case in 17 or 18 days is remarkable. However, prior to using your product I was using another new product and can’t deny that it was contributory. Never the less, there is no doubt that Dermaka works and you can bet that next time I will use it exclusively.

I thanks you very much for direction me to the product and hope my experience is helpful to you some way.




Dermaka works on Poison Wood – August 8, 2015



Poison Wood

Poison Wood












Post Dermaka Cream

Post Dermaka Cream