Dermaka Promotion Accomplished, Welcome to the Family!

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  VEIN HEALTH CLINICS, Dr. Obinna Nwobi and his amazing staff have accomplished the Dermaka Promotion in less than half the time.  Dermaka is now part of this respectable and beneficial practice.  welcome to the Family “Vein Health Clinics”.  Together we make an affordable difference in patient outcomes and practice ! Check them out for exceptional care […]

Using dermaka cream post aesthetic procedures & treatments minimizes redness & bruising!

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Histological studies have been done before & after using dermaka cream. A bruise is essentially red cells in the reticular dermis. There is a rapid resolution of the red cells demonstrated by histological analysis, that is noticeable at 4 days. Dermaka  cream also includes bromeliad which has enzymatic properties that also act in synergy with […]

Applying dermaka cream post micro-phlebectomy or sclerotherapy minimizes redness & bruising!

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dermaka cream can be applied post micro-phlebectomy and this will minimize your redness & bruising! dermaka cream contains natural plant extract and vitamins.  There are no chemicals and dermaka cream is made in the USA!


Cream Treats Bruising Caused By Blood Thinners

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Cream Treats Bruising Caused By Blood Thinners By: Ric Manning On: September 05, 2016  In: Health, New  No comments As if high blood pressure wasn’t enough of a curse, people who take blood thinners tend to bruise easily. My father and my mother-in-law had to deal with dark red blotches on their arms caused by […]