Post 1064 laser treatment & have you compared dermaka cream with other products?

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What is experience with Dermaka post surface laser for spider veins with a 1064 laser? Have you compared Dermaka to other products like Vacial?   MD   Dear Doctor, Many physicians use dermaka cream post laser procedures, either on the face or legs. This may include spider vein treatment, reticular vein treatment or laser […]

Dermaka Cream Helps Animals Feel Better!

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Did you know Dermaka is not just for humans? Making some visits to animal shelters and sanctuaries where some previously neglected animals are suffering from a variety of skin conditions.

Dermaka to the rescue!

Rooterville Staff Plans to Try dermaka cream on a Sweet Pig Named Molly!

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  Molly has ‘skin issues’ and the staff plan to try dermaka cream on her. The first attempt failed because she got into a mud pool. ┬áMolly lives at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary. We will let you know if dermaka cream helps this beautiful pig!   Rooterville was inspired by farm animals in need. Compassion. We […]

Applying dermaka cream post micro-phlebectomy or sclerotherapy minimizes redness & bruising!

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dermaka cream can be applied post micro-phlebectomy and this will minimize your redness & bruising! dermaka cream contains natural plant extract and vitamins.  There are no chemicals and dermaka cream is made in the USA!