Dermaka cream Helps Patient with Ichythyosis

Posted on January 11, 2018 with

Ichthyosis is a genetic skin disorder characterized by dry, scaling skin that may be thickened or very thin. Ichthyosis affects people of all ages, races and gender. The disease usually presents at birth, or within the first year and continues to affect the patient throughout their lifetime. Some Common Symptoms of Ichthyosis Dry, scaly skin […]

Micro-Blading + Dermaka Cream together!

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  Looking for a natural way to enhance your brows, without spending time each day in the mirror trying to create the perfect brow arch and fullness….twice.  Lavish Luxe has a special for micro-blading that will solve your struggles.  Get that natural hair stroke look without the daily steady hand.  Combined with Dermaka for reduced […]

Stasis Dermatitis – Try Using Dermaka Cream to Lighten the Skin!

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A common inflammatory skin disease that usually occurs on the lower extremities. Patients with long standing venous hypertension usually present with stasis changes of the lower legs. Patients are currently using dermaka cream for stasis dermatitis and we are seeing improvements. The skin seems to be lightening and appears healthier looking. This patient exhibits classic […]

Before & After Images Post Koehne E-Matrix – Laser Resurfacing Using dermaka Cream!

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December 7, 2017  . Day 1 DAY 5   Her testimonial….”I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dermaka, I prefer this to Avene which I’ve used this the past for post laser procedures.  It’s so moisturizing and the arnica really helps with the redness and swelling, my skin looked basically normal  in 72 hrs which […]