Using dermaka cream post aesthetic procedures & treatments minimizes redness & bruising!

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Histological studies have been done before & after using dermaka cream. A bruise is essentially red cells in the reticular dermis. There is a rapid resolution of the red cells demonstrated by histological analysis, that is noticeable at 4 days. Dermaka  cream also includes bromeliad which has enzymatic properties that also act in synergy with […]

Bruise After Thermal Ablation Cleared in 5 days!

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Post thermal ablation – Ohio Clinic


5 days post dermaka cream


dermaka cream is very effective on bruises, especially post vein and aesthetic procedures and treatments. All natural plant extract. Licorice extract is a natural whitener. No chemicals! Works on old bruises too!

Dermaka Review: How Safe And Effective Is This Product? Retraction

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This was brought to our attention and we believe that this review site is not legitimate! The information in the review is inaccurate and I wonder if the individual even tried dermaka cream. The reviewer sites the wrong uses for the cream. This company is based out of India.   See review here     […]

dermaka Cream Helps With Itching!

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“Here is a photo of my leg that itches so bad. The itching was driving me crazy. The more I scratched, the worst it got. Honestly, I have been using a steroid based cream for my right leg, but I felt it was adding to the discoloration of skin. Someone posted to me about a […]

Grandma Loves dermaka cream!

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My grandmother used the Dermaka samples for a week and loved it!  She is on Coumadin and many of other medications for her RA, which causes her skin to be very thin and prone to tearing and bruising.  She says that she feels that the cream made her skin thicker and less likely to bruise. […]

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I received this cream the other day for itching that was driving be crazy that is now a daily problem because of chronic venous insufficiency. This cream was amazing. Instantly soothed the itching, and no strong smell. Check out the YouTube video, it gives more info and explains all of the creams many other uses […]

Post 1064 laser treatment & have you compared dermaka cream with other products?

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What is experience with Dermaka post surface laser for spider veins with a 1064 laser? Have you compared Dermaka to other products like Vacial?   MD   Dear Doctor, Many physicians use dermaka cream post laser procedures, either on the face or legs. This may include spider vein treatment, reticular vein treatment or laser […]