dermaka worked for my dry skin!

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“I have been using dermaka cream for my feet. I have had severely dry feet for years and hide them with socks 24 hours a day. My doctor said to use Vaseline, which does nothing and turns my socks yellow. I have tried many over the counter products and nothing helps. My feet are healing […]

Using Dermaka Cream Post Spider Vein Treatment

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Spider Veins – What Are They? Spider veins, also known, as telangiectasias are small, dilated blood vessels that appear near the surface of the skin. Spider veins tend to be red or blue in color, and can be painful, itchy, and potentially bleed. Spider veins are generally caused by an increase in pressure in veins […]


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 August 8, 2015 You will recall meeting me at XXXXXXXXX   on July 28, 2015. You saw that I had contracted a bad case of Poison Wood and you offered me some samples of Dermaka to see if it would relieve the symptoms. Being somewhat leery, I circled a particularly active area in your presence as […]